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G0001 G1 Gift Certificates First UU Church $10 Gift Card for Jeni's Ice Cream
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$10 Gift Card for Jeni's Ice Cream 1 1 .000001E9 10 .000001E9 10 N N N
FD0002 FD2 Food Cathy O'Neil Mildly Rummy Chocolate Rum Cake
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If you prefer your rum flavor on the subtle side, this is the cake for you. Chocolate Bundt cake with sour cream, chocolate chips, nuts and just a hint of rum. One week's notice please. 1 1 .000003E9 30 .0000015E9 15 N N N
FD0001 FD1 Food Cathy O'Neil Very Rummy Yellow Rum Cake
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A whole cup of rum goes into this delicious yellow Bundt cake with walnut topping. Great for the holidays. One week's notice please. 1 1 .000003E9 30 .0000015E9 15 N N N
E0003 E3 Excursions Sue Pascual Vegan Meal at Loving Hut
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Enjoy a vegan lunch across town at Loving Hut in Reynoldsburg. Dutch treat. Sit and chat while everything is made fresh. My favorites are potato & kale soup, love letter from the earth salad with cucumber dressing and Saigon rolls with almond sauce. https://lovinghut.us/reynoldsburg/menu
We will meet on a Saturday at church. Date to be arranged.
4 4 .000002E9 20 .000001E9 10 Y Y N
E0002 E2 Excursions Paula Hook & Sue Pascual Lunch at Corky & Lenny's
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Travel about 2 hours north to a suburb of Cleveland to an exceptional deli. Choose from wonderful corned beef, extravagant chocolate eclairs, great pickles and so much more for lunch (Dutch treat). We will also visit Malley's chocolate store next door. You can also buy treats to take home from Corky & Lenny's. We will leave from the church at 9:00 am and be back at the church no later than 4 pm. I have room for only 3 but if another wants to drive, we could be a larger group. Add yourself to the list even if it is full if you can drive. 3 3 .000002E9 20 .0000015E9 15 N N N
E0001 E1 Excursions Erica Scurr Guided Highbanks Hike
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Welcome spring with a seven-mile guided hike at Highbanks Metro Park. Explore all the trails and features of Highbanks with a park volunteer. Enjoy a few hours of good exercise out in nature. 16 16 .0000015E9 15 .0000015E9 15 4/7/18 9:30 AM N N N
MM0001 MM1 Meals and More Jeannie Sperling, Sam Kiner, Dave & MaryLou MacDonald Best of the Baltic Dinner reflecting the travels of MaryLou and Dave and Jeannie and Sam. More details to come. 4 4 .000005E9 50 .000003E9 30 4/7/18 7:00 PM N N N
F0001 F1 Fellowship Activities Barb Avery An Evening with Champagne
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View the movie "A Year in Champagne" about several grape-growing families in history-laden Champagne, France. We'll drink Champagne from two of the vineyards shown in the movie. 6 6 .0000035E9 35 .0000025E9 25 9/28/18 7:30 PM N N N
M0001 M1 Miscellaneous First UU Church Reserved Parking Space
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You will always have a space on Sundays right in front of the church! Spaces are reserved through the end of the second Sunday morning service, so there is no restriction on arrival time. 2 2 .00003E9 300 .00001E9 100 N N N