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Unitarian Universalist Church of Marble Head Auction

2015 Food
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F1 3 Breads

Irish Soda Bread April 2015,
Blueberry Bread July 2015,
Cranberry Bread November 2015.

May substitute banana bread for any of the breads listed above.

  • Mary Zalewski

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $25 Min: $15

F2 Pie of the Month for a Year

Olga makes fabulous pies: Types of pies are somewhat but not entirely related to seasonal availability of fruits and holiday need: Apple, cherry/cranberry, blueberry, pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, peach, pecan, custard, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry or spinach/mushroom quiche. The crust is free of trans-fat. Some of these pies could be low sugar, like apple and pumpkin. We can decide what you want and I will make it. You come pick it up at my house or I could bring it to church on Sunday. We can schedule a particular day each month or I could make it when you need it and I have enough time.

  • Olga Skorapa

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $180 Min: $120

F3 Corn Chowder Dinner

Bill will make his "famous" Corn Chowder for you and your guests - delivered to your door. You don't have to wait for the Lobster Bake. Serves 6-8, mutually agreeable date

  • Bill Smalley

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $60 Min: $20

F4 Eleanor - 2009

Red wine from Francis Coppola Winery

  • Shubies

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $60 Min: $30