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Item0 Item Category Donor Item Name Picture Description Qty Left Est0 Est Val Min0 Min Price Date
S0045 S45 Silent Anonymous Framing Art Gallery - Arts Corner Salem Framing Art Gallery - Arts Corner Salem 1 0 .000005E9 50 .000005E9 50
S0044 S44 Silent Anonymous Marblehead Arts Association - Family membership Marblehead Arts Association - Family membership 1 0 .00001E9 100 .00001E9 100
S0043 S43 Silent Anonymous arnould gallery $35 Framing Certificate 1 1 .0000035E9 35 .0000035E9 35
S0042 S42 Silent Anonymous Deb Ketola massage 1 0 .000008E9 80 .000004E9 40
S0041 S41 Silent Anonymous Radiance - blowout package radiance 1 0 .0000045E9 45 .000001E9 10
S0040 S40 Silent Anonymous Painting by millie quill painting by millie quill 1 0 .00001E9 100 .000005E9 50
S0039 S39 Silent Anonymous "Grace Oliver" set of 2 necklaces 2 necklaces 1 0 .000006E9 60 .000003E9 30
S0038 S38 Silent Anonymous Figurine figuring - women angel 1 0 .0000025E9 25 .000002E9 20
S0037 S37 Silent Judy Anderson, Marblehead Architecture & Heritage Tours 90 minute walking tour in historic Marblehead Enjoy a free walking tour for 4 people with Judy Anderson,
social, cultural & architectural historian! Additional participants $ 10 each, up to 4 more
1 0 .000006E9 60 .000001E9 10
S0035 S35 Silent Polly Maxon Tritschler Packages of Notecards with four scenes of Marblehead The drawings are from original pen and ink sketches by late artist Clarice Norton (Polly's mother). 1 0 .0000015E9 15 .0000005E9 5
S0034 S34 Silent Polly Maxon Tritschler Decorative Plate - Old Town House The drawings are from original pen and ink sketches by late artist Clarice Norton (Polly's mother). 1 1 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
S0033 S33 Silent Polly Maxon Tritschler Decorative Plate - Lee Mansion The drawings are from original pen and ink sketches by late artist Clarice Norton (Polly's mother). 1 0 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
S0028 S28 Silent Marblehead Sport Shop $25 Gift Card to Marblehead Sport Shop $25 Gift Card to Marblehead Sport Shop 1 0 .0000025E9 25 .000001E9 10
S0027 S27 Silent The Fish Market $25 Gift Certificate to The Fish Market $25 Gift Certificate to The Fish Market 1 0 .0000025E9 25 .000001E9 10
S0036 S36 Silent Pawsitively Marblehead Designer Dog Collar For your fancy dog! 1 0 .0000035E9 35 .000001E9 10
F0004 F4 Food Shubies Eleanor - 2009 Red wine from Francis Coppola Winery 1 0 .000006E9 60 .000003E9 30
M0012 M12 Miscellaneous Susan Dodge USB turntable with built in speakers Donation Vibe sound USB turntable with built in speakers.
Converts records into digital MP3 files
Value: $59.99
1 1 .0000059E9 59 .000002E9 20
S0026 S26 Silent Susan Dodge Original Watercolor Subject The Kilmacduagh Monastery, in Gort, Galway Ireland, Original watercolor to print under glass 16 x 20, matted & framed. 1 0 .0000125E9 125 .0000065E9 65
M0011 M11 Miscellaneous Anonymous Champion juicer Get your veggies using this heavy-duty Champion juicer! Versatile machine can juice all types of fruits and vegetables. Makes nut butters, frozen fruit sorbets, baby foods, ice creams, sherbets, purees, salsa, muesli and more. 1 0 .00002E9 200 .0000025E9 25
M0010 M10 Miscellaneous Peter & Betty Kent Anti-gravity Lounge Chair Durable anti-gravity lounge chair, adjusts to a variety of positions. 1 -1 .00001E9 100 .0000025E9 25
S0025 S25 Silent Kennedy Studios Kennedy Studios framed print Remember how victory felt, with this print of the Championship Patriots Team! 1 0 .0000125E9 125 .000005E9 50
S0024 S24 Silent Kennedy Studios Kennedy Studios framed oil painting Marblehead winter street scene 1 0 .00002E9 200 .000005E9 50
E0001 E1 Education Chuck Sheffreen 90 Minute Abobe Photoshop Workshop For beginner to intermediate level- A one-on-one workshop for the new user or anyone wanting to improve existing skills. In order to benefit from this workshop you must own or have access to a copy of Photoshop. 3 2 .00002E9 200 .000003E9 30
S0023 S23 Silent she Marblehead Woven Multi-Color Beach Bag Woven Multi-Color Beach Bag from "she Marblehead" 1 -1 .0000035E9 35 .0000015E9 15
S0030 S30 Silent Arnould Gallery Arnould Gallery- $35 gift certificate $35 framing certificate from one of the best framers on the North Shore. 4 0 .0000035E9 35 .000002E9 20
S0031 S31 Silent Arnould Gallery Arnould Gallery- $35 gift certificate $35 framing certificate from one of the best framers on the North Shore. 1 1 .0000035E9 35 .000002E9 20
S0032 S32 Silent Arnould Gallery Arnould Gallery- $35 gift certificate $35 framing certificate from one of the best framers on the North Shore. 1 1 .0000035E9 35 .000002E9 20
A0002 A2 Artwork Bill Smalley & Maggie Smist Matted Photograph of England or South Africa - size 10X13 Take home a photograph of Bill's or Maggie's taken while they were in England or South Africa. You can choose from any number of photographs. They will mat and frame it for you. 1 1 .0000125E9 125 .0000045E9 45
B0002 B2 Book Robin Ronchi Basket of books for 4-7 year olds A great collection of books suitable for the 4-7 year old children in your life. One child might enjoy them all, or share among many. 1 0 .000007E9 70 .0000025E9 25
T0002 T2 Tickets Peter & Betty Kent Boston Red Sox vs Detroit Tigers TWO tickets to see the World Champs! Great seats: Section 12, Row 12, Seats 9&10. 2 1 .00001E9 100 .000005E9 50 7/24/15 12:00 PM
M0006 M6 Miscellaneous Marblehead Flag Loft Bunting USA bunting, 54" x 27" wide and deep; UV resistant nylon, sewn stripes 1 0 .000004E9 40 .000001E9 10
M0005 M5 Miscellaneous Marblehead Flag Loft US Flag 3' x 5' USA Flag, UV resistant nylon, sewn stripes, embroidered stars 1 0 .000005E9 50 .000002E9 20
B0001 B1 Book Marblehead Conservancy Marblehead Conservancy coffee table book Full color book featuring Dennis Curtin's photography, and each property's trail map. Comes with laminated trail guide. 1 0 .000003E9 30 .0000005E9 5
N0005 N5 Entertainment Donna Rice Junji dinner and a movie $50 Junji gift certificate and 2 movie passes for Warwick Cinema in Marblehead 1 0 .0000075E9 75 .0000065E9 65
D0020 D20 Dinner Cindy Loewen Brunch for 6 Drink, Eat, and be Merry with Cindy Loewen and Gary Marcos. Chilled mimosas and tasty bloodies by Cindy. Add a little spice, with a twist of Chef Gary's cooking skills and enjoy Spanish tapas and Mexican Egg delight topped with a classic potato bashed dish. Date and time tbd by the hosts. 6 0 .0000015E9 15 .000001E9 10
S0019 S19 Silent Betsy Albee & Michele Martin $50 Amazon Gift Certificate $50 Amazon Gift Certificate 1 1 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
R0013 R13 Services Betsy Albee & Michele Martin Two Twenty Minute Dog Walks Have your dog enjoy a wonderful outing with Michele and Betsy - they can go twice for 20 minutes - what a treat! 1 0 .000004E9 40 .0000015E9 15
S0018 S18 Silent Anonymous Dyed Lavender Fresh Water Pearls w/Sterling Silver Clasp Dyed Lavender Fresh Water Pearls w/Sterling Silver Clasp 1 0 .00001E9 100 .000002E9 20
M0004 M4 Miscellaneous Paul & Charlotte Travis "The Cat's Meow" Cat Toy As seen on TV, " The Cat's Meow" , great fun and exercise for your cats.
Retail value $20.00
1 0 .0000025E9 25 .000002E9 20
N0004 N4 Entertainment Jean Rostron Tickets to North Shore Theater Jean is generously donating two "inner circle" tickets to see one of these North Shore Theater shows: DreamGirls (June 2 - 14), Shrek (July 7 - 19), Saturday Night Fever (August 11 - 23), or Billy Elliot (September 29 - October 11). 1 0 .0000074E9 74 .000005E9 50
R0012 R12 Services Susie LaBrie 3 Hours of Organizational Help Whether it's a closet that needs cleaning, a kitchen or medicine closet in need of some attention to expiration dates, or some other household project, sometimes you just need a little help getting started. I will provide non-judgmental support, attention to detail, and a sturdy back, and will even throw in some off-key singing at no additional charge. 1 0 .0000175E9 175 .0000075E9 75
T0001 T1 Tickets Hazel Grenham Five Plays for Salem Theatre Company's 2015-16 season One season ticket to Salem Theatre Company for Season 12, which begins September 2015 and ends in May 2016. Five show subscription. See Hazel Grenham for tickets 1 0 .0000125E9 125 .0000045E9 45
X0008 X8 Excursion Linda Beattie & Paul Tremblay Dinner and a Movie in Waltham for 4 Get treated to a great movie at the Landmark Cinema in Waltham (sister to the Kendall Square Cinema) and have dinner at one of the great ethnic restaurants on Waltham's Restaurant Row. 4 0 .0000045E9 45 .0000025E9 25 2/21/16 12:00 PM
S0017 S17 Silent Lees-on-Life Gift Basket: Juice, Complete Protein Smoothie Mix & Health Bars Enjoy a delicious and healthy assortment of Juice, Complete Protein Smoothie Mix & Health Bars 1 0 .0000035E9 35 .000002E9 20
M0003 M3 Miscellaneous Liberty, Henry & Me Scout Cooler Green Plaid Scout Cooler. Custom monogram available. 1 0 .000004E9 40 .000002E9 20
S0016 S16 Silent Bus Stop $25 Gift Certificate to the Bus Stop (clothing for women) $25 Gift Certificate to the Bus Stop (clothing for women) 1 0 .0000025E9 25 .000002E9 20
L0001 L1 Live Hand In Hand $60 Gift Certificate for 1/2 hour Massage $60 Gift Certificate for a 1/2 hour massage at Hand In Hand in Marblehead. "We don't do hair and we don't do nails but a perfect 5-star rating on TripAdvisor says we do really good Professional Massage." 1 0 .000006E9 60 .000003E9 30
S0015 S15 Silent Step by Step Light Blue Loop All-Purpose Rug Light Blue Loop All-Purpose Rug from "Step by Step" 1 0 .0000065E9 65 .000004E9 40
S0014 S14 Silent she Marblehead Woven Multi-Color Beach Bag Woven Multi-Color Beach Bag from "she Marblehead" 1 1 .0000035E9 35 .0000015E9 15
D0019 D19 Dinner Landing Restaurant $20 Gift Certificate to The Landing Restaurant Enjoy The Landing Restaurant with this $20 Gift Certificate. 1 0 .000002E9 20 .0000015E9 15
H0001 H1 Fashion Lizzie Loo & Friends Batiked Hand Made Lobster Apron Batiked Hand Made Lobster Apron from Lizzy Loo & Friends. 1 0 .0000035E9 35 .000002E9 20
S0013 S13 Silent Maddies Sail Loft $25 Gift Certificate to Maddie's Sail Loft $25 Gift Certificate to Maddie's Sail Loft 2 0 .0000025E9 25 .0000015E9 15
S0012 S12 Silent Carol Thompson & Chuck Scheffreen 12 x 16 Photograph of sunrise from Gas House Beach 12 x 16 Photograph of sunrise from Gas House Beach with nice view of the lighthouse 1 1 .0000125E9 125 .000005E9 50
S0011 S11 Silent Carol Thompson & Chuck Scheffreen 12 x 16 Photograph of sunrise at Ferry Beach 12 x 16 Photograph of sunrise at Ferry Beach 1 1 .0000125E9 125 .000005E9 50
S0010 S10 Silent Carol Thompson & Chuck Scheffreen Note Cards Set of 5 Blank Note Cards with different Marblehead Scenes 1 0 .0000015E9 15 .0000005E9 5
S0009 S9 Silent Carol Thompson & Chuck Scheffreen Note Cards Set of Five Blank Note Cards with different Marblehead Scenes 1 0 .0000015E9 15 .0000005E9 5
S0008 S8 Silent Carol Thompson & Chuck Scheffreen Note Cards Set of Five Blank Note Cards with different Marblehead Scenes 1 0 .0000015E9 15 .0000005E9 5
R0010 R10 Services Bill Smalley Documents Preservation Have your pictures scanned onto a DVD. Bill will scan up to 100 individual documents, including slides, and give you a DVD of the images. 1 1 .000005E9 50 .000005E9 50
F0003 F3 Food Bill Smalley Corn Chowder Dinner Bill will make his "famous" Corn Chowder for you and your guests - delivered to your door. You don't have to wait for the Lobster Bake. Serves 6-8, mutually agreeable date 1 0 .000006E9 60 .000002E9 20
S0029 S29 Silent Arnould Gallery Gene Arnould – Arnould Gallery Framing Certificate $35 framing certificate from one of the best framers on the North Shore. 1 1 .0000035E9 35 .000002E9 20
D0018 D18 Dinner Judy Dunlop, Hazel Grenham, and Sheila Cran-Barry Downton Abbey Dessert, Coffee, and Brandy for 12 Please join Judy, Hazel and Sheila for an elegant after-dinner dessert, coffee and Brandy in the spirit of Downton Abbey, with wit and inspired conversation.

At the Dunlops, during the next season - Jan-Feb, 2016.

12 -1 .000003E9 30 .0000025E9 25
D0017 D17 Dinner Dotty Stephens Dinner with Dotty for 9 Drinks and Dinner for 9 with Dotty Stephens at Brooksby Village, mutually agreeable date. 9 0 .0000025E9 25 .000002E9 20
M0001 M1 Miscellaneous Oliver Loewen ASICS running shoes One pair of ASICS running shoes, either the GT 2000 3 (better for a runner who pronates) or the el Cumulus 16 (better for a neutral runner). The person may go to the Boston Running Company in Swampscott or New England Running Company to try on shoes for size and fit.

Upon deciding upon shoe and size, the bidder will contact Oliver and he will place the order.

1 0 .0000115E9 115 .000005E9 50
D0016 D16 Dinner Elizabeth Wilson Evening Alfresco for 8 (Wilson/Parsons/Palleschi) Join us on Saturday, August 1 at 6:00 p.m. for dinner outdoors under the trees with sparkling lights and a menu inspired by the season with the focus on fish and fresh veggies. 8 0 .0000035E9 35 .000002E9 20
S0007 S7 Silent Paul & Charlotte Travis Pimpernel bed tray This high quality bed tray is both stylish and practical with a deep frame to ensure items will not slip of the edge.The legs can be folded away for neat storage. Rich mahogany frame. Wipes clean with a damp cloth. 1 0 .0000045E9 45 .0000015E9 15
S0006 S6 Silent Sheila Cran-Barry 4 gold framed pictures 1 large sun, 1 small sun, 2 small moons 4 3 .000002E9 20 .000001E9 10
N0003 N3 Entertainment me&thee coffeehouse Tickets (2) to me&thee coffeehouse plus snacks Two tickets to any one of the remaining Spring 2015 concerts plus two pastries and 2 drinks from the me&thee kitchen! 1 0 .0000046E9 46 .0000025E9 25
X0006 X6 Excursion Anthony & Jo Ann Silva Tour of WBZ and Channel 4 studios for 6 WBZ-AM 1030 Business Editor Anthony Silva will conduct a tour of the television and radio studios at CBS Boston, 1170 Soldiers Field Road, Boston. Tour can accommodate a maximum of six persons. Children over aged 10 may participate if accompanied by an adult.

Date and time: The tour must be held on a weeknight, and will begin at 8 p.m. The tour must be arranged no later than April 30 for a mutually agreeable date no later than Memorial Day Weekend, 2015.

6 -1 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
D0015 D15 Dinner Anthony & Jo Ann Silva Early Summer Al fresco multi-course Mediterranean dinner for 6 Early Summer Al fresco multi-course Mediterranean dinner featuring the best of Portuguese, Italian, and Sicilian food with a soupçon of French cuisine thrown in for je ne sais quoi. We will serve cocktails in our garden followed by a sumptuous but casual dinner overlooking the pond. Dinner will include wine and other beverages.

The date for the dinner is Sunday, June 28, 2015, at 5 p.m., rain or shine.

6 0 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25 6/28/15 5:00 PM
X0007 X7 Excursion Kurt & Sabin James Kayak and Picnic on Brown's Island for 2 Enjoy a lovely kayak ride and lobster salad roll picnic on Brown's Island with Kurt and Sabin James. Mutually agreeable date. 2 0 .0000045E9 45 .0000025E9 25
CL0001 CL1 Classes Kurt & Sabin James Wind Surfing Lessons for 1-2 people Surf the world seas after having these lessons by Kurt James - lessons are for one person or a couple; can be taken in 3 one-hour sessions. 1 1 .000012E9 120 .000004E9 40
D0013 D13 Dinner Hugh Stewart Nuevo Latino Dinner for 6 Nuevo Latino - a blend of South and Central American and Caribbean recipes that is unique and delightful, prepared just for you. Ole! 6 0 .0000045E9 45 .0000025E9 25 2/21/16 6:00 PM
D0012 D12 Dinner Gordon & Carolyn Corzine Austrian dinner for 6 Austrian dinner for 6 at the home of Carolyn and Gordie Corzine. January date to be decided. Think Stroganoff, Strudel, and (perhaps) the Sound of Music. 6 0 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
R0009 R9 Services Thurs night men's group Seal your driveway These guys have been doing this for years and they have gotten it down to a science, especially the amenities part - they will seal your driveway - up to 1000 sq ft of area. Material to be supplied by group; amenities [eg - beer] to be supplied by successful bidder. John Parsons, Tony Portnof, Ken Sinclair, Naushad Variam, Mike Gery, Steve Krom, Paul Tremblay, Dan Tucker, Craig Gariepy, Norm Ketola, and Steve Pierce. 1 0 .0001669E9 1,669 .000005E9 50
S0005 S5 Silent Linda Beattie and Jo Ann Augeri Silva Spring themed “Italian" Gift Basket The Red Bow Gift Basket ladies have collaborated to create a spring themed “Italian” gift basket. Perfect to use as an Easter hostess gift, birthday or anniversary gift, or as a treat for yourself! Contents include: Red wine, vodka pasta sauce, basil gnocchi, olive oil, Guylian milk chocolates, two crystal wine glasses, wooden spoons, bamboo cutting board, two flowered cloth napkins, two napkin rings, corkscrew, candles. 1 0 .00001E9 100 .000003E9 30
D0011 D11 Dinner Jean Rostron, Mary Gardner and Don Davies 1716 Dinner for 10 Let's get our 300th Anniversary off to a fun start! Join Jean, Mary and Don for a dinner featuring recipes from 1716 (or so). To make it more interesting, guests are encouraged to dress in clothes reminiscent of the Pre-Revolutionary War era. Hmmmm, wonder what the hosts will be wearing? Join us on Saturday, May 9th and find out! 10 0 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25 5/9/15 5:00 PM
D0009 D9 Dinner Hugh Stewart Japanese Dinner for 6 - October 2015 Japanese dinner for 6- Samurai Stew will prepare a meal of authentic Japanese dishes, complete with sake. 6 1 .000003E9 30 .000002E9 20 10/4/15 5:00 PM
D0008 D8 Dinner Rev. Wendy von Zirpolo Dinner with the Minister Dinner with the Minister, Sunday, Oct 11, 2015 at 5 pm at UUCM. NOT biddable; fixed price of $10. Any number of people may attend. 25 1 .000001E9 10 .000001E9 10 10/11/15 5:00 PM
C0001 C1 Collectible Rev. Wendy von Zirpolo Rev. Wendy's Words The bidder receives a piece of writing by the minister. This could be a sermon OR celebration of life OR letter to a relative about why you are a Unitarian Universalist OR message to you and your partner for the occasion of your anniversary...

Depending on the piece, Rev. Wendy may need access to people who know you well.

1 0 .00008E9 800 .00002E9 200
D0007 D7 Dinner Hazel von Rosenvinge & Rev. Wendy Evening in Annisquam for 16 Come enjoy light refreshments, an optional walk to the beach, terrific company and a spectacular view of Lighthouse Beach, Annisquam. Saturday, August 15th 5-7 pm. 16 0 .0000025E9 25 .000001E9 10 8/15/15 5:00 PM
X0005 X5 Excursion Kathy Sands-Boehmer Geocaching with Kathy and Meghan for 4 An afternoon of geocaching with Kathy and Meghan! What is geocaching, you may ask? It's an outdoor activity in which you use a GPS application to discover hidden "caches." The treasure hunt can be urban or not. We will make the plans and you can tag along and help us find the treasures! All you need to bring is yourself and wear some comfortable walking shoes. We can cap it off with a refreshing drink or ice cream after we've found our bounty!

No more than four per trip or else the muggles will notice us. If there is a pent up demand for this unique auction item, we will consider doing two separate trips. Ideally we could plan this trip for a Sunday afternoon in the summer or early fall.

4 0 .0000025E9 25 .000001E9 10
D0006 D6 Dinner Andrew Dunlop Healthy (but delicious) Dinner for 8 The question is: "How can I eat sumptuously and lose weight at the same time?" The answer is: "Bid on this next item!" Andrew Dunlop, an amazing chef, invites you to experience the delights and rewards of a delicious low-carb, gluten-free dinner. He will be sharing with you some of his most current mouthwatering creations. Dinner for 8 people 6 PM - Saturday, April 25, 2015 - at the Dunlop home at 85 Clifton Ave. 8 1 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25 4/25/15 6:00 PM
R0008 R8 Services Nikki Moore Babysitting Nikki will babysit your child or children for 2 - 4 hours at your house. Cost..... Priceless. 1 0 .000008E9 80 .000002E9 20
S0004 S4 Silent Sheila Cran-Barry Frigidaire Air Conditioner Used, in excellent condition. Frigidaire, Model FAK085R7V, BTU 8,000; Measurements: 17 " wide, 22" high, 23" deep 1 1 .000025E9 250 .00001E9 100
R0007 R7 Services Sheila Cran-Barry Airport Transportation Sheila Cran-Barry will provide transportation to and from Logan Airport on days and times mutually agreed upon by the buyer and Sheila. 1 0 .00001E9 100 .000005E9 50
R0006 R6 Services Jean Hamburg Vacation Cat Care Jean will care for your cat while you are out of town. This care will be provided for up to a week on a schedule mutually agreed upon by Jean and the buyer. 1 0 .000012E9 120 .000006E9 60
D0005 D5 Dinner Cheryl Wolff-Variam & Naushad Variam Indian Dinner for 10 South Indian cuisine, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections. The dishes are spicy, but not too hot... suitable for any palate! 10 0 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25 11/21/15 7:00 PM
F0002 F2 Food Olga Skorapa Pie of the Month for a Year Olga makes fabulous pies: Types of pies are somewhat but not entirely related to seasonal availability of fruits and holiday need: Apple, cherry/cranberry, blueberry, pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, peach, pecan, custard, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry or spinach/mushroom quiche. The crust is free of trans-fat. Some of these pies could be low sugar, like apple and pumpkin. We can decide what you want and I will make it. You come pick it up at my house or I could bring it to church on Sunday. We can schedule a particular day each month or I could make it when you need it and I have enough time. 1 0 .000018E9 180 .000012E9 120
D0004 D4 Dinner Peter & Betty Kent Dinner with the Kents for 4 Dinner on our deck overlooking Salem Harbor for four. 4 0 .0000045E9 45 .0000025E9 25
X0004 X4 Excursion Peter & Betty Kent Four-hour Sail with the Kents for 8 4 hour excursion in Salem Sound/Mass Bay on a new 41ft Beneteau 41 sloop. The sailing can accommodate a MAX OF 8. Each guest will be expected to take the wheel at some point during the sail. 8 0 .0000125E9 125 .000005E9 50
D0003 D3 Dinner Stephen & Christine Krom French dinner for 4 Come enjoy a several course French dinner at the home of this couple who love France and all things French. 1 -3 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
X0003 X3 Excursion Jay and Susan Morrison A Day at Scituate Pond for 6 A summer day in York, Maine on Scituate Pond for 6, complete with lobsta' and steamers. Enjoy a hike, canoeing or kayaking and lots of good food, drink and fellowship. Saturday, July 18th (rain date - Sunday, July 19th). 6 0 .000004E9 40 .0000025E9 25 7/18/15 12:00 PM
X0002 X2 Excursion Mary Gardner and Patti Scagliotti Fall Nature Walk and Picnic at Mass Audubon's Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Join Patti and Mary for a gentle walk in the woods with a stop for a picnic lunch. A perfect way to end the summer and enjoy the fall colors. All ages welcome and encouraged. Exact date to be determined by Mother Nature, but as the weather cools and the leaves burst with color. 8 0 .0000025E9 25 .0000015E9 15
X0001 X1 Excursion Mary Gardner and Patti Scagliotti Spring Nature Walk and Picnic at Mass Audubon's Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Join Mary and Patti for a gentle walk in the woods with a stop for a picnic lunch. A perfect way to welcome spring after a long, cold winter. All ages welcome and encouraged. Exact date to be determined by Mother Nature, but before the heat of summer. 8 0 .0000025E9 25 .0000015E9 15
D0002 D2 Dinner Mark Klopfer & Cindy Moore Italian dinner for 6 Italian dinner for 6: join us for a Festa Italiana! If your idea of Italian cuisine is pizza or, worse, Chef Boyardee Ravioli-O's, come experience the true flavors of a country known for its love of food and wine, for savoring each bite and lingering at the table. While past menu performance does not guarantee future meal results, in previous years we have enjoyed lobster risotto, beef braciole, grilled fish, ricotta torte, tiramisu and of course, vino. Buon appetito! 6 0 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
R0004 R4 Services Sue Haas "Expect the Unexpected" Coaching Sessions Sue Haas will coach you through the process of gathering important papers, creating/ updating Health Care Proxies, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and yes, making arrangements with a Funeral Home. This is a gift of love that you can give your family and friends. You are never too young to plan ahead. Remember: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Four sessions. Value: $200.00 (such a deal!). 1 1 .00002E9 200 .00001E9 100
R0003 R3 Services Susan DameGreene One 2-hour Past Life Regression Therapy Session Offered by a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist (The Salem Center for Past Life Regression)

Deep Memory Process© has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals & changed the way many others perform therapy & healing with their clients. Where many therapies focus mainly on the mental level, DMP© transforms body, mind, emotion & spirit simultaneously. Results for clients are profound. Deep healing may occur in just a few sessions. Deep Memory Process© is a creative synthesis of the work of Jung; Moreno & Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Call for an appointment. One session takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours. My office is located in Salem, MA.

1 1 .000018E9 180 .000009E9 90
D0001 D1 Dinner Craig & Ellen Gariepy Greek Dinner on Halloween night! We've reprised our favorite auction theme. Greek delicacies including olives, seafood, and wines are guaranteed. Other Greek culinary temptations and surprises will appear in the menu at 3 Tully Road on October 31st. Don't be outbid. Limited to 9 seats. 9 0 .0000075E9 75 .000005E9 50 10/31/15 12:00 PM
S0003 S3 Silent Sheila Cran-Barry "The Pollan Family Table" Cookbook The Best Recipes and Kitchen Wisdom for Delicious, Healthy Family Meals 1 0 .000003E9 30 .0000015E9 15
S0002 S2 Silent Irene Praeger Women's handknit sweater - Size Medium Woman’s handknit white acrylic yarn sweater. Size Medium 1 0 .0000035E9 35 .0000025E9 25
S0001 S1 Silent Irene Praeger Wool Jacket - Size Medium Woman's black wool short jacket with white Sherpa lining. Size Medium 1 0 .0000065E9 65 .0000035E9 35
R0002 R2 Services Jack Weltner Play Happy Birthday to You on my Tuba Jack will Play You Happy Birthday on his Tuba ["I play awful"] - but you will enjoy every note. 1 0 .0000075E9 75 .0000025E9 25
R0014 R14 Services Jack Weltner Learn How to Read Auras Learn How to Read Auras - flat fee, first 6 people 6 4 .0000025E9 25 .000001E9 10
N0001 N1 Entertainment Jack Weltner Tarot Reading for One Tarot Reading! - Who loves me? Will I be famous? Will my novel be published? Worldly responses to your most curious questions in life. Come and learn from Jack, who will be doing your reading. 1 0 .00001E9 100 .0000035E9 35
F0001 F1 Food Mary Zalewski 3 Breads Irish Soda Bread April 2015,
Blueberry Bread July 2015,
Cranberry Bread November 2015.

May substitute banana bread for any of the breads listed above.

1 0 .0000025E9 25 .0000015E9 15
R0001 R1 Services Jonathan and Alisa Manning Math Tutoring 4 hours of math tutoring for your elementary, middle or high school student. Break the time up however you would like -- 4 one hour sessions, eight 30 minute sessions. Get math tutoring for all the kids in your life! Tutoring sessions need to be scheduled two weeks in advance. 1 1 .000015E9 150 .0000075E9 75